02 Feb, 2015

Welcome to Candle Chart – The best buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX markets

candle chart, the best buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX

candle chart, the best buy sell signal software for MCX, NSE, FOREX

The common principles of effective trading naturally and unambiguously articulate trading concepts that distinguish the winners from the losers. Though trading will also be carried out in a variety of markets, throughout different timeframes, and with unique instruments centered upon one-of-a-kind methods, there is one long-established thread that ties all winning traders together: the universal standards of positive buying and selling. All continuously profitable traders adhere to them whatever the markets, timeframes, and methods.

In Candle Chart Buy Sell signal Blog you will

  • Be trained methods to advance a buying and selling plan
  • Study how to identify and create a robust methodology
  • Notice triumphant cash administration systems
  • Have an understanding of trader psychology
  • You will get plenty of wonderful trading and tactics secrets.
  • How to trade with signals
  • How to understand the markets
  • How to make profits
  • How to trade with ease

Aiding the common standards are infrequent interviews from a diverse group of positive traders. Some are the new younger guns of trading and others are market legends who are buying and selling simply as actively at present as they were over 50 years in the past. They symbolize a various team of traders from the UK, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, and Australia. All of them have generously agreed to present the reader one singularly strong piece of recommendation to help them in the direction of their trading ambitions. Each and every piece of recommendation emphasizes an essential detail of the universal standards.

In any business where there is money involved and profits to make, there are professionals. We see professional diamond merchants, professional antique and fine art dealers, professional car dealers and professional wine merchants, among many others. All these people have one thing in mind; they need to make a profit from a price difference to stay in business.

The financial markets are no different and professional traders are also very active in the stock and commodity markets – these people are no less professional than their counterparts in other areas. Doctors are collectively known as professionals, but in practice they split themselves up into specialist groups, focusing on a particular field of medicine – professional market traders do the same and also specialize in various areas.

It’s important to realize at this stage, that when we refer to the definition of a professional, we are not talking about the ‘professionals’ who run your investment fund or pension. At the time of writing this section (June 2016), the vast majority of investment funds have been making huge losses for the last 4 years! Furthermore, some of these investment fund companies (including insurance firms) have even closed down, owing to their inability to invest wisely in the markets. People nearing retirement are extremely worried, as the value of their pension plummets further into the doldrums – some pension companies have even been reported to be teetering on the brink of financial crisis. In the UK, the vast majority (if not all) of the endowment funds are in trouble, even failing to make meager returns of 6%, which means that most homeowners are now at serious risk of not being able to raise funds to pay for their homes.

The ‘professionals’ in the previous examples do not live by their trading talents, instead they receive a salary from the respective investment or pension fund company – which is just as well, since these people would otherwise be homeless! I make no apology for these scathing comments, since millions of people have been adversely affected on a global scale, and billions of dollars have been lost to the witless idiots who have been given the responsibility of investing your hard-earned money. The truth of the matter is that most fund managers find it difficult to make profits unless there is a raging bull market.

So what do I mean by a professional trader? Well, one example is the private syndicate traders that work in co-ordinate groups to accumulate (buy), or distribute (sell), huge blocks of stock to make similarly huge profits. You can be absolutely certain that these traders have made more money from distributing stock in the last four years, than they did during the bull market in the 1980s. Why? Because we have just witnessed one of the best moneymaking periods in your lifetime – the largest fall in stock prices for decades…


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