01 Aug, 2017

Make a vision to achieve peaks

Make a vision to achieve peaks

Trading is not an easy task. Yes it is true. But everyone knows the importance of trading. People have different approach towards trading. Many people consider trading as passion. Others see the trading as their living. Few of them treat trading as a job. Any way trading can make a valuable change in your life. Here is a common question will pass through the mind of traders. i.e; what have to do to get rich quickly? If you being to start trading lot of questions will arrive in your mind. Then it will be so difficult to find from where should you start trading? You can find a solution for such questions by setting a goal. In our life we should keep a goal then it will be meaningful.

The first vision of a trader is to gain money. Don’t put your goal only in making money. Instead of that you should consider it as an opportunity to grow. It is a systematic process. You have a lot to learn from trading. Goal is a simple idea which gives a proper derivation in your trading life and makes you to do your level best. Whenever you set a goal in your trading life you should set a short term goal. If you set a long term goal it can’t influence your current action properly as in every case don’t forward any thing for a long time. Do the things in the very next minutes. A short term goal will motivate you while the long term goal will be twist you from the right way. Above all the success will be so far from you if you set a long term goal.

The time frame has a great influence on your goal. If you are a day trader you should focus in the achievement that you made in a week. If you are a swing trader you should concentrate in three months because it is hard to make money with one week preparation. So don’t consider your goal only as your ambition. Your goal can make your dream into reality. It will possible only when you are ready to put some effort for your work.

Achieving your goal is important than planning a goal. Achievement of your goal is depends upon your trading plan, risk taking capacity, etc. Even your personality can also make an immense change in your goal. In our life we will be fail to achieve our goals. In trading also you can see such situation. It is only due to our deviation from that particular thing. There by you can’t make a proper follow up and you can’t find the point where you were wrong. It needs a full supportive mind. If your mind whispered to achieve your goal in every moment automatically it will happen. You should have good thoughts in your mind.

What kind of goal is yours is doesn’t matter. You should set a goal it could have been your motivator. So it can make a great improvement in your trading life. Give stress in learning and acquiring confidence. So achieving your goal is a systematic process. You have to set a goal and keep trying… trying… trying… till you succeed. Hereby you can make great progress in your trade.

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